Worth Township, Michigan Taxpayers' Web Site

This web site is published to provide the taxpayers of Worth Township, Michigan with an objective repository of information on the state of our local government. There are a legion of pressing, critical issues, created by the "ham-handed" management of our township by certain officials. The township has been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy as a result of the nearly million-dollar judgement in the Paeth case and over a million dollars in sewer engineering costs, as the Yeo & Yeo 2010 audit report shows. That's two million dollars that taxpayers will be forced to cough up!

As a review of the source documents on the site indicate, the precedent setting Paeth federal court judgment was precipitated by Clerk Marcella Bartniczak ordering that a stop work order be posted without due notice, after the plaintiff’s had already won thier zoning case after several rounds in circuit court. Then the clerk and the township were named in another federal court lawsuit for allegedly violating the constitutional rights and retaliating against a township resident who was a key witness in the Paeth case.

Will a takeover of our disturbed finances by the Michigan Department of Treasury be the next step in the history of what many citizens contemptuously describe as “Worthless Township?” Dig deep into the facts, and then draw your own conclusions.

Dr. Robert E. Lee, Webmaster


Sign posted at south end of township on M-25 by recall organizer Doug Varty.